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Halfbrother of Blauwe Leo

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Leo Heremans

 Is a half-brother of “Blauwe Leo”
“Blauwe Leo” B06-6148378 (original Heremans Leo and a son of “Zoon Olympiade” x “Granddaughter Kleine Blauwe”
“Blauwe Leo” is father of:
“Golden Leo 40000” (B08-6140000)
She breeds in 3 generations 3 national KBDB ace birds
“Kittel”: 1st National ace KBDB Short distance 2013 (Best speed bird ever !) “Olympic Rosita” : 1st Olympiad bird Nitra 2012 young birds 2nd National ace KBDB middle distance 2012 4th National ace KBDB Short distance 2012 “Greipel” : 6th National ace KBDB Short distance 2013 (brother “Kittel”) 14th National ace Short distance KBDB 2013
She breeds in 3 generations co-winners in following national KBDB championships:
1st National Champion KBDB short distance young birds 2013 6th National Champion KBDB short distance young birds 2010 9th National Champion KBDB short distance young birds 2009 9th National Champion KBDB short distance young birds 2011 11th National Champion KBDB short distance old birds 2013
“Olympiade 4000” (B09-6294000)
Winner of 2 x 1st and 8 x Top-10
Is father/grandfather of
1st against 4,539b. 1st against 3,205b. 1st against 1,495b.
“Golden Leo 976” B09-6293976
Is grandmother of:
15 x 1st prize winners
12th National ace Short distance old birds KBDB
“Golden Leo 987” B11-6269987
Won 1st against 1,001b.
1st against 271b.
“Last Leo” B13-6139853
“Blauwe Leo” is grandfather of:
“Sagan” B12-6108355 (Patrick Boeckx)
Won 1st National ace KBDB short distance
1 Noyon 1,042b.
1 Noyon 542b.
1 Noyon 446b.
2 Noyon 1,411b.
2 Noyon 624b.
6 Noyon 667b.
“Sagan II” : 1 Quievrain 2,121b.
2 Quievrain 1,863b.
8 Noyon 1,603b.
Is a half-brother (same father) of “DV0135-10-1339”
“DV0135-10-1339” is father of:
“Olympic Dream”
Won 2 against 1,109b.
4 against 12,623b.
5 against 2,895b.
16 against 877b.
46 against 1,600b.
87 against 858b.
462 against 15,700b.
984 against 14,917b.
“2618-15-113”: 9th Ace OLR Sofia 2,135b.
1st prize semi-final against 1,142b. (280km)
Is a son of “Son Olympiade 003” x “Double Olympiade 003”
“Son Olympiade 003” B04-6073608 – original Heremans-Ceusters
Is a son of famous “Olympiade 003” x “Goudklompje”
“Olympiade” B01-6455003 – original Gust Jansen (Beerse)
Won: Olympiad bird short distance Liévin 2003
2 National ace Short distance KBDB 2002
1 Quievrain 390.
1 Noyon 1,931b.
1 Noyon 1,393b.
2 Quievrain 485b.
2 Quievrain 294b.
2 Quievrain 227b.
2 Noyon 1.242b.
2 Noyon 795b.
3 Noyon 1,322b.
4 Noyon 454b.
7 Noyon 716b.
9 Noyon 874b.
11 Noyon 624b.
The list of the children of “De Olympiade” which are successful is
“Hendrik” – father of “Blauw Aske”
“Blauw Aske” won 10 nat. Bourges 48,553b.
5 Argenton 1,872b.
“Jackpot” – father of “Di Caprio”
“Di Caprio” – top breeder by Dirk Van Dijck
1 Quievrain 1,928b.
1 Quievrain 1,580b.
1 Quievrain 1,278b.
“Bodyguard”: 1 Noyon 1,697b.
“Spinneke” – is mother of:
“Nieuwe Rossi”: 1 Noyon 838b.
1 Noyon 779b.
“Ernesto” (Eijerkamp) 1 Chantilly 1,703b.
3 nat. Chantilly 8,175b.
“Fina” (De Bruyn W) 2 Strombeek 2,249b.
“Floris” (De Bruyn W) 2 Peronne 2,985b.
“Poot” – is father of
“Natascha”: 107 nat. La Souterraine 13,965b.
120 nat. Argenton 14,534b.
“Charlene” – is mother of
“Charisma”: 11 national ace young birds (De Bruyn W)
“Las Vegas”: 1 Noyon 1,145b.
“Vlieger”: 2 x 1st Dourdan
Is father of 2nd Harchies 1,712b.
“Lelie” – is mother of:
“Robby”: 1 Quievrain 3,564b.
“Bingo” – is father of
“Witpen Aske”: 1 ace Fond young Zuiderkempen 2006
“Corina” – is mother of
1st Dourdan 2,109b. and 1st prize winners by
“Favoriet”: 3 x 1st on Quievrain
“Hugo”: 2 x 1st Quievrain
“Lichte Blauwe”: Is father of 1st against 3,676b. – 2nd against
7,262b. – 2nd against 4,262b.
“Kim”: is mother of 2nd national Bourges 14,571b. + 2nd
national ace Germany 2012.
“Jonge Olympiade”. Is mother 2nd prize against 53,996b.
“Safier”. Is father of “Dubbel Aske” (1st ace Union Antwerpen
“Prins Olympiade”. Is father of 1st prize against 2,675b. and
grandfather of 1st national ace KBDB 2012.
“Goudklompje” B96-6165098 – Gebroeders Hasendonckx
Mother of “Het Wonderaske”
“Wonderaske” won
2 Dourdan 1,866b.
8 Vierzon 3,621b.
14 national Bourges 42,763b.
15 provincial Orleans 10,034b.
29 Dourdan 2,051b.
52 national Argenton 23,493b.
Is a daughter of “B04-6073611” x “B04-6073812”
“B04-6073611” – original Heremans-Ceusters
Is great grandfather of :
1st prize Final race OLR As Golden Pigeon Race (Greece) 2015
against 560b. (420km) – winner of 7,000€
3 against 828b. (290km)
12 against 1,043b. (220km)
Is a daughter of “Olympiade 003” x “Goudklompje”
“B04-6073812” – original Heremans-Ceusters
Is a daughter of “Olympiade 003” x “Het Wonderaske”